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The following are items which are available for immediate sale. All packaging and shipping charges are to be paid by the buyer. If you wish to inquire, please send an email to sales@toonzjukebox.com.
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All jukeboxes are used and are in excellent working condition. They are also inspected, cleaned and refurbished by our technicians. Actual photos available by request.

Both Floor and Wall models have RCA-IN connectors to easily connect another sound source (tape player, MP3 player, etc) to play through the jukeboxes internal sound system. They also have RCA-OUT connectors to connect the jukebox to a music system and have it play like a 100 disc CD player.

Floor Models
All Floor models have their own amplifier with 6 speakers and can hold up to 100CDs. They can be programmed for background and patron play music.

Wall Models
All Wall models have similar features as Floor models, except that they do not have any speakers in them, but are very easy to connect up to external speakers. Because of their small size, they can be put anywhere without sacrificing floor space. Typically, a wall model is mounted onto a wall with a mounting bracket, which obviously creates holes in the wall. However, we can also supply a wall-mount stand which the jukebox sits on instead of mounting directly onto the wall.

Model   Comments Price ($CDN)

N.S.M. Sapphire

2001, Floor model $2000.00

N.S.M. Midnight Sapphire

2001, Floor model $2000.00

N.S.M. Cosmic Blast

2003, Floor model $2300.00

N.S.M. Performer Grand 2000

1999, Floor model $1500.00

N.S.M. Performer Wall 2000

1998, Wall model $1200.00

N.S.M. Gemfire

2002, Wall model $1500.00

N.S.M. Gemstar

2001, Wall model $1500.00

N.S.M. Victorian

2003, Wall model $1800.00

N.S.M. Cosmic Burst

2003, Wall model $1800.00

Amusement Games

Model Comments Comments Price ($CDN)
Merit Megatouch MAXX Countertop 1999 $350
Valley Bar Pool Table 2004 $1500

If you are looking for a specific game, please send an email to:



Records and CDs

Album Comments Price ($CDN)

If you have any requests, please send an email to:




Model Comments Price ($CDN)