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NSM - Wurlitzer - TouchTunes - Rock-Ola - Rowe/AMI

NSM Wurlitzer TouchTunes Rock-Ola Rowe/AMI

Once you've seen ONE jukebox, you've seen them ALL...


Jukeboxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with different features using past and present technolgies, and all have their pros and cons. We deal with the top five companies in the world today. However, there are features of the other jukeboxes that may make them more attractive to a specialized location; such as the new Virtuo digital jukebox from Touchtunes which not only plays music, but also is a photo booth and karaoke machine; or the modem capability of the CD Rock-Ola's (for dial-up diagnostics of a remote site); or 120 CDs (instead of 100) in the Wurlitzer Princess. We are very open to suggestions to your establishment and will only choose the jukebox that will fit your needs exactly.