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These are N.S.M.'s jukebox brochures. Wherever possible, they have been scanned so that they can be viewed on screen at a high enough resolution to read all type. Select either the photo or the text to view on-line as JPEG files (approx 150K) or, if you choose to print these, please use the Adobe Acrobat PDF version.

Floor Models

Nostalgia Gold
Digital Thunder
Performer Grand 2000
Midnight Sapphire
PDF Nostalgia Gold1.7MB
PDF Digital Thunder900K
PDF Performer Grand 2000844K
PDF Sapphire952K
PDF Midnight Sapphire804K

Wall Models

Digital Thunder Wall
Performer Wall 2000
PDF Digital Thunder932K
PDF Performer Wall 2000764K
PDF Emerald Ice880K
PDF Gemfire772K
PDF Gemstar956K


All NSM jukeboxes feature:

CD Changer

World's fastest 100 Compact Disc (CD) changer:
...so fast that it takes under 4 seconds to remove a CD from the player, replace it in its storage slot, then get the CD from the storage slot that's farthest away... and put it on the changer - it takes just 3.25 seconds to do the same thing with the closest CDs in the library

CD protection:
CDs are stored in horizontal trays so dust, dirt and smoke cannot contact the CD. Plus, the CDs cannot be scratched by the playing mechanism or warped by storage on their sides

Integral real-time clock:
allows tracks or albums to be programmed to the exact minute on any day in a set sequence

plays promotional CDs or jingles - track selection interrupts the advertising and advertising resumes when the track is finished

Component based for ease of replacement:
if a part fails, we can just replace the part, resulting in less downtime

Picture Display Title Strip:
4, 8 or 16 sets of CD jackets and their titles are presented at once

Palm Press rocker button:
allows the Picture Display Strip mechanism to display all 100 CDs in under 12 seconds

Full Numeric Keypad