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Compact Disc Titles

Have we got CDs!

We currently subscribe to the Promo Only Hitz Radio series and the Entertainment Resources Group (ERG) Nu Music Traxx, Nu Country Traxx, and Nu Pop Traxx.

We also have our own toonz jukebox Various Disks which contain all the latest hits in categories such as Pop, Dance, Rock and Country.

We also have an AMAZINGLY LARGE list of Store-bought CDs (just like the ones that you buy at your favourite store... and that you know already know the tracks on!)

Let's just say that if we don't have a CD or music track that you want in your jukebox location, we can probably find it at one of the following stores.


Collectors' Choice Music
Find Music & DVD Collections at MusicSpace.com!

iTunes Gift Certificate

TouchTunes Music

We also have a continually updated list from the internet on our TouchTunes Jukeboxes. There is currently over 130,000 songs on any one of our TouchTunes jukeboxes and the list gets longer every day.

TouchTunes Canadian Music List

Canadian Music List 2.2 MB