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These are TouchTunes jukebox brochures. Wherever possible, they have been scanned so that they can be viewed on screen at a high enough resolution to read all type. Select either the photo or the text to view on-line as JPEG files (approx 100K) or, if you choose to print these, please use the Adobe Acrobat PDF version.

Jukebox Models

Maestro II
Tune Central

TouchTunes Videos

These are actual video clips of the jukebox and interface.

Allegro Lightshow
  Super Search


  Super Search Demo Screen

See the jukebox lightshow keep time and change to the music.

The jukebox was shot in a dark room to emphasize the light show.

This video shows the interface experience; from looking for a song on the jukebox to searching online.
  The jukebox has many different Demo screens while idling waiting for patron play. This one demonstrates how to use Super Search.